hi all
im felix from indonesia..and i stay in bali, maybe you know that island..:)

i run my own business in travel and events company here my website:

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Hi! same here, still a newbie. just got registered. I'm from Alabama. I'm an article writer
working online. Loves to chat with others, any where you are in the world will do. That would be fantastic. I'd meet ya here though we're that quite apart. We have something in common, I'm self-employed as well run my own biz. hope to get to know you better. here's some pieces of infos of me:
nickname: Bels
eyes color: light green
hair color: reddish brown
hobbies: mountain biking, ballet dancing, swimming, reading good books,baseball junkie
that's all! thanks.

best regards.

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Hello dear,
I am a new member of this forum and my name is Imogen Morgan from USA. This is an outstanding forum I am very happy after joining this.


hi bella, nice to meet you also, so you are from alabama, you have a same hobby with me you know..hehehe, normally i did my actovity in bali with some of the travellers around the world

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