hi im new to c++ html and hacking.
im trying to find out how to hack.
evry time i put it in the serch bar all that comes up is sites that you pay them to hack.or some company trying to sell me something that well let me hack email.
but i dont care about that.
please tell me.

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Depends what you mean by hack, and what it is you are actually trying to do.

This is illegal and it isn't gonna be easy anyway. Yahoo will have spent years improving their security. There is no easy way.

The only way that isn't really hacking or anything at all clever is just to answer their secret question, if you know the owner well this is often easy and it is actually normally quite easy just to slip the question into a conversation you are having with them...

It may be worth a try,

Ahem. I would rather the conversation did not go down the road of social engineering hints and tips.

We really don't want to encourage the wanabee hacker, and there is a 'keep it legal' rule here remember.

This activity is frowned upon......

Dont you have anything better to do??

Oh,Welcome to the site BTW :)

I am very sorry I though you were going to answer his question. I just thought you would have closed the thread because there is no legal way to hack someone/thing.... Sorry

I was fishing to give the guy a chance to explain what he was after and either dig a hole in which to bury himself or build a picture of something other than illegal activity.

There have been times when people use the term 'hacking' to mean something other than the expected - I've had people talk to me about mashups and refer to them as hacks, and indeed there's a whole series of O'Reilly books with a 'hacks' imprint.

I wasn't trying to shift the blame, I do take responsibility. I do understand what you mean about people using the term hack for something different.

Won't happen again

S'OK, you weren't in the doghouse to start with. It was just a mere nudge to ensure the thread didn't develop any further in that direction :)

A moderator deleted my post since i was trying to give you an answer like "how to fix my computer" "goi throw it on the trashcan" and it said what i wrote was illegal :S IT WAS JUST A JOKE nobody will go to yahoo, kill some guards and put a backdoor on their main servers computer just for a password

"Hacking" has a rather negative connotation associated with it, however hacking in itself is not exactly illegal. For example, one could make a mod for a game that is perfectly legal, and call it a "hack".

"Cracking" is illegal and not what you want to do. That's the actual act of breaking into things so you can cause damage or whatnot, and you should not do it if you value your clean record as a person.

Since the intent of the orignal poster was unclear, you can't really blame anything on him/her until we know what was intent behind "hacking" Yahoo. For example, one might want to "hack" to get his account back if, for example, it had been stolen or cracked by someone else. This thread is going nowhere though, and until the OP posts again, I'm going to keep out of this.

Indeed. Hence my original fishing response to try and get a clearer picture of intent in this case.

I think its apparant what this guy was up to... (Notice they havent posted since)

I think its apparant what this guy was up to... (Notice they havent posted since)

It annoys me when people ask a question and in most cases get it answered and then never post again. But in this case maybe he isn't the kind of person you would want advise from, but thats not for me to say :)

i lost my yahoo password. and dont remember any of the answeres to any of the questions. is there another way i could get my password?

Contact Yahoo customer support using the process the system shows for such things. If you cannot remember the answers to any of your memorable questions then I would expect them, not unreasonably, to suggest you have lost access to that account. The security options are there for a reason, and if bypassing them were easy there would be no point.

just throwin it out there to see what would be said. always good to know what others are likely to say about such things

And with that, I think it is time to close this very old thread...

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