hi everyone .. ::pretty:
I am new to this forum .. and i like this community a pretty lot..
i am just doin my B.E in computer science
So i have not much knowledge about all these codes and stuffs like what all u guys have posted ...
Awesome you guys are .. !!!
Can i still stay on this community and learn things from you guys ... cuz i am not certain about, if this is possible accordin your community rules ...
as for now...
thnx for readin my thread ...
let me tell u something .....!
MAY B KIND'DA SmALL humorous message in hindi ...:)

Sillybilly standing on platform jumps on railway track ...
MAN: Sillybilly Mar jaoge ....
Sillybilly: oooy marega tho thu sale,
suna nahi train platform
pe aa raha hai ... :D

or may b this one is better for those who dont follow hindi ..
A short story ...Read it carefully and as slow as possible ... its no nonsense
2 friends !
Mr.See and Mr.Saw...
One day Mr.See saw sea & Mr.Saw didnt see sea . SEa saw sea and jumped into the sEa.
Saw hadn't seen see but saw jumped into the sEa...Sea saw saw in sea .. and saw saw see in sea ... SEE ,SAW both saw sEa and both See and Saw were very happy to see the sea..;).

Your welcome to the community, many members boast about their hate for close minded people. Although you will get your answers answered and will probably learn quite a bit, don't expect laughs for such lame jokes.

An introduction includes name, likes, dislikes, and is supposed to show what sort of person you are, maybe an age.

Once again Welcome to the community, ntmu.

Have a pleasant stay.

Hi Jeevitha, nice to meet you :D
I felt everything else but not irritated.