I want to make a worldwide internet portal like yahoo. (email service, search engine,social network and everything better than all).
I have some new idea about internet portal and these these ideas may kill google and yahoo.
In this way lots of money may spent,
I m ready to spent.

But i want some suggestion and tips that i shud make it or not,
If no then tell reason .
if i m right then i want some engineers(minimum payment : $300/mo,$30/script) + some co owner. Let discuss abt it.
Thanx in advance!

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You probably aren't getting a slew of responses because your title and your objective don't seem to be realistic. There are many smart people / organizations who have created search engines and portals but there is still only one Google. Yahoo has been slipping relative to Google even though it had a head start. It's great to think big but if it isn't realistic, then it may just be delusional. Just because the internet is easier to get into at the low end than some other kinds of businesses doesn't mean that it is that much easier to become a big successful company. You might as well have said:

"I have a great new idea for a soft drink and this will be bigger than Coke or Pepsi"


"I have a great idea for a new automobile and this will kill Toyota and General Motors"

It isn't that any of these are impossible but they are improbable. Even someone with great business and communication skills (which you haven't demonstrated in your post) would have a hard time convincing the world that they had a realistic chance of achieving any one of them. Most big companies started small and built up over time. There probably aren't many cases of a new entrant being able to establish itself and then overcome very entrenched competition unless there is a change in technology or the market that gives it a serious edge.

yes, i know this, so
what u wana say?

He's saying you don't sound realistic. That it only sounds like a dream and probably won't come true.
People won't believe you, that this idea of yours will become major or at least known well.

Thanks for sharing the this gorgeous news. Actually I am about to build my new Internet portal. But I will use these tips and do my best.

give me ur email address

what if i will made this impossible to possible by adding lots of new internet features .? For eg google was launched searched internet feature coz this was new in net and google become king of net? I hope u better understand :P

Google was far from the first search engine. Look up Archie, Gopher, WebCrawler, Lycos, etc. There were many before Google came along and took the crown.

ahahaha , but this is not my dream , i want to do something new. and Far from old Internet Gadgets. Now say! :D

At least try to sound like you can.

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> Now say!
Now say what? That you're a nut who is just rambling on in a barely coherent fashion about some ill-conceived fantasy?

Consider it said.

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what u mean?

The likelihood that you would be able to actually take an existing idea on the net, and create a new service or company to compete with the existing giants is highly improbably. Not saying impossible. Now, if you were to have a new, never been done before idea, that a new need has formed for it, then your chances of success are greatly improved.

Now that I've pretty much restated what everyone else has said, I'm gonna point something else out.

I don't think you are here for legitimate reasons, arshalan. I've looked over some of your other posts. You're asking for help with several projects like this, that have little hope for success, or you are asking for handouts. If your here for help, then be more cooperative and descriptive in your posts, if your just here to waste time, then find another forum to do this in.

I'm not a moderator, I don't speak for DaniWeb. I speak as a user, and this is my opinion, agree or disagree, that is your right.

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i still coudnt understand , why u peoples blaming on me? Atleast this project is not my dream? This is what i want. I will add 1200+ features in my project... I ll focus all internet gadgets, then i ll create a new gadget by comparing all gadgets which is no1 is created.

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nyway thanx Fortinbra , i m not here 4 time waste, atleast u 50% right :P

You should be able to understand this:
It doesn't seem like you have much chance on successfully creating an internet portal.
You don't sound convincing.

Also, at least use proper grammar will you?
Maybe you don't understand because English is not your native language?

I'll help...

The thread is dead, the user was banned. Let it go, man.

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