Hi..i m in last yr (BscIT)....plz suggest me some good topics 4 my last yr project....i want something different than the usual topics which wl b interesting to do...

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need a great topic for science fair project
Learning to communicate properly would be a useful project.
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  • By now you should have a lot of ideas about what the world needs from the profession you are learning. Do one of those things.
  • Ask your favorite prof for suggestions
  • What else do you care about in your life, other than school subjects. Do a project about that.
  • Ask your parents, relatives, religious guide, or strangers on the street what the world needs from IT. Do a project about one of those things.
  • Design a new scripting language to make it possible to automate something that has been bugging you.
  • Write a web spider that searches for great project ideas. It must find itself to pass the final test.

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any 1 plz suggest me a project idea in which C language is used for implementation


Design a programming language to compute functions which are not Turing computable. Send me a copy first before you tell anybody else, and I'll check it.

Alternatively, prove that P=NP or P=/=NP and send me a copy of the proof before you tell anybody else. I'll check it first, and you'll get the $1,000,000 and eternal glory.

You're welcome. Mod me up, please.

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