My name is Tien Le. I'm restarting my learning of C++ again and already found some usefulness from this site. I look forward to learning and sharing my adventures in programming in C++ with this community.

A little bit about my background:
* I'm currently a software QA engineer with Delta Design, Inc. at Poway, CA. I've been a s/w QA engineer for a little more than 10 years (started with Kodak, 8 years with Intuit and now Delta). I need to understand s/w especially c++ with which I find myself testing mostly. I'm actually blackbox testing, but would like to know more about the background of what I'm testing.
* As one of my career goals, I'm planning to get certified in c++ programming with UCSD Extension. I believe it would be good for me to get into programming and s/w development as a long-term career goal and career advancement.

Thanks and cheers to s/w development and programming!

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Hi Tien, nice to meet you :D

Thanks, maceman. Nice to meet you.


Hello Tien, welcome to the forum. It's a pleasure to have you here.

Thanks, mackone. I appreciate that.

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