Any other collectors of vintage video game consoles on DaniWeb? Or am I really the only person sad enough to have more than 1000 of the things in my house? My collection has even been loaned to a museum for a special history of video gaming exhibition before now.

To give you an idea of just how dedicated/fantastic/obsessed/sad (delete as appropriate) I am about my collection, I have no less than three examples of the very first home video games console: the Magnavox Odyssey from 1972. All of them are boxed, complete, original and in full working order. I ended up with three as I was offered a second complete and original example for a good price and simply couldn't resist it, and the third is a rare example of a unit sold in the UK (complete with the UK distributor documents, original bill of sale etc) which again the nerd in me could not resist.

Other stuff here ranges from a wheelbarrow-full of Nintendo Game and Watch devices, loads of truly amazing yet bizarre things such as the Vectrex with its vector graphics for example.

Hey, everyone needs a hobby, right?

Wow... And I thought I had a collecting problem :)
I have all the computer I've ever bought still in my possession.

- C16
- C64

- MSX-2 (with the keyboard add-on)

- P2000

- 8086
- 286
- 486 SX
- 486 DX2/66
- Cyrix 266
- Gameboy 1
- all the newer stuff, that's not really that interesting.

I forgot to mention the fact that I have boxes full of ZX80s, ZX81s, Spectrums, Dragon 32/34s etc (working and non-working for spares)...

We are beyond help, methinks.

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I thought my collection was big...
Sega Master System II
Gameboy (Original, Pocket and Colour)
PlayStation (Both big and small case)

All working and still used from time to time :D

I also have an XBOX, PS2 and PSP... but they don't count as vintage yet..
Though I doubt I will be getting the new generation of consoles for a while yet.. they seem too focused on 'pretty pictures' rather than the actual game.

Let's see 2 Atari Systems 1 Commodore 16 all Nintendo consoles except cube + playable carts for all. Oh yeah 1 Sega Genesis some one gave me.Most of my big games are DOS games so didn't do much with game consoles. One controller I have for the Nintendo 8 bit lets me make Mario walk backwards and throw fire balls to left of screen,different huh? Later---

I have a couple of 8 bit Nintendos around but nothing compared to this. I technically have every computer but most of them are just mobos knocking around in a box somewhere.

Ah, "one man's trash is...", well, another man's trash that's euphemistically called something else :D All the more power to you Happy!

@Nick did that woman come with the computer?

Gosh, how I envy you all!:) I didn't have the habit of collecting, but now it's too late, i suppose... In childhood i used too have a large collection of broken Dandys, Segas and all those thingies. They just broke too often, but i didn't want to throw them away. But when we moved to the new house all those remembrances of childhood were lost forever.

I just added this beauty to my collection. Not very rare, but for some reason I still hadn't bought one:

>> @Nick did that woman come with the computer?

Yeah, she 60-something by now :)

Nice find!

Yeah, she 60-something by now

Like a fine wine... lol ;) j/k

I have 6 Battlestation II multi-platform controllers, made by Multicoin Australia I am getting rid of if anyone needs one for a collection. They are all new in box and work on Atari, Amiga, NES, SNES, Sega master drive, Sega master system. I can be reached by email at [snip] or by phone at [snip]. Thanks and have a good one.

i got an ultra-rare puck monster,frantastic condition,exellent working order,,no sensible offer refussed.

Nostalgic waves are sweeping over me....

My first console was I think called a GrandStand something or other - we are talking around about 1984 - it came with three or four games, a "gun" and two built-in controllers it played a shooting game, Tennis (Pong clone) and football (pong with two bars per side) the nine year old me thought I was at the cutting edge! then I got an Atari 2600 (WOW you can play different games!) but the games were very pricy! After that it was on to my first computer, the might ZX Spectrum all 48k with a tapedeck this lasted me until the earlier 90's when I replaced it with an Amiga 1200 (finally a disk drive!) a few years after that I was off to University and got my first P.C.

Funny thing is although the graphic were very limited on the Spectrum, and the Amiga didn't have half the power of a modern P.C. I thought the games were actually far better to play.. I remember me and my friends playing games like Sensible Soccer into the wee small hours on a Friday night on the Amiga until Mum or dad came and chucked them all out because we were keeping everyone up with all the noise! I even had the first Civilisation game on the Amiga and Elite Frontiers as well...

Some of you have interesting old treasures lying around..^^ i got only a c16,c64, 2 old Gameboy Edition´s and an old BTX-Terminal. :D