From Russia to Your Toilet, With Love

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Ha Ha (serious face) Is joke.

Listen, my Gaming Comrades, Piston Games of Russia says they havejust the game for those times when you're busy. Too busy to play a video game? Never! Piston Founder, Anton Gladkoborodov believes you always have time for gaming. "Some people said, that games take away their free time. But everyone can remember situation, when you want to kill time: in line, in airport or even on toilet sink. You can have fun in all these periods of idleness."

Yes, your toilet sink. I don't know about you, but I was wondering why using the bathroom wasn't more entertaining. Now I know. I didn't have Screetch for iPhone and iPhone Touch!

Inspired by the recent oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, Piston Games created a match-3 puzzle challenge in which you isolate and remove blotchy patches of black goo, capturing an oily character named The Screetch. Well as Monty Python says, always look on the bright side.

Each level of Screetch offers new landscapes and more than a dozen Screetches to capture and store in your Trophies section. Challenge others for the top spot in one of 12 Global Divisions and with your Facebook account, you can compare your score with friends.

What made the the August 12th press release so entertaining for me was not so much the topic of the game, but how little they actually talked about it. Rather, I was met with unbridled passion regarding the power of Russian engineering.

"Russians invent most of greatest puzzle games," said Sergey Filippov, technical director of Piston Games. "Tetris was invented by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984. Color Lines developed by Oleg Demin in 1992. Even match-3 mechanics was invented in Russia. PopCap launched first version of Bejeweled in 2000, but six years earlier, in 1994, Eugene Alemzhin had developed Shariki. This game inspired PopCap to develop most popular puzzle game nowadays — Bejeweled. Now Russia come back to puzzle gaming scene with The Screetch game."

--and don't you forget it!

Here's a look at the gameplay:

Piston Games is obviously VERY passionate about their games. You can check out this Moscow-based company and learn more about thier very gooey game on the official website . Next time you're in the bathroom, head on over to the App Store and catch yourself a Screetch. Go have time.