Hi Guys,

I am starting this thread so i can get some potentially helpful information regarding a new computer i want to buy. I want to get a custom built but i don't know how to build one my self. I have a budget of around $3000 (AUD) and i plan on using my PC for a variety of things like gaming and programming, i already have an idea on the GPU and CPU i want and they are the i7 920, and also the ATI Radeon 5790 but unfortunately i don't think thins GPU will fit into my budget.

If anyone has some good advice for what to look out for and or any recommendations please reply and i would prefer text rather than links but i guess inks are okay too.

Thanks guys.

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5970 I think you mean :). Should be able to squeeze it in with a $3000 budget :).

5970 I think you mean :). Should be able to squeeze it in with a $3000 budget :).

Oh really thats kind of a relief but i still have other questions, are there special types of mother boards or processors that i will need to have so everything works together please reply its really important.

Thanks for the help though :) :)

I'd recommend going to a shop that custom builds computers and you can explain what you want and they can match the computer components to you needs. They will also give you good service (generally) -- at least much more than Dell, Gateway, etc.

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