Hi guys, im new to this.
Basically, the time has come to decide which dissertation to do in my final year of uni. I need your help to suggest me some ideas!

My course is BSc Management and Computing. Been sent a list of suggestions but there all boring so i need to think of my own.
I have studied modules in PERL, VBS, JAVA Script, HTML. I am looking for something fairly basic in principle which can be expanded.

Half my course is business management focused, i need something that can be associated with management or business studies.

Something like a recruitment database, sales website etc.

your help would be VERY much appreciated!


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I'm a web developer at this small IT company(who never completed college by the way) and the one thing I learned that's important when it comes to sales, business and computers is a reliable CRM or customer relationship management application. I work with a guy who builds ours and let me tell you, it's a lot of responsibility because our sales reps and supervisors depend on that thing everyday.

I"m planning on going back to school to major in something similar to what you're doing. I'm planning on writing my dissertation on CRM software, You should look into it and there's one by a company called sales force that you might be interested in.

Hello All, I am searching for suggested topics for my upcoming dissertation. I am interested in emotional intelligence in the workplace. However, I need suggestions for how to apply this broad topic to better learning in public schools.

It is commendable to search for old posts that are relevant to your question but it is poor protocol to open up an old post and add on to it. Opening a new post is the preferred approach.

Given that this is a forum for computer-related technical topics, I don't know if you'll get much response for this sort of topic. Computers may have some pseudo-intelligence but on an emotional level, the current generation of hardware and software is pretty deficient. There is a lot of stuff on the internet if you do a search including this one.

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