University Developing Anti-Sex Game for Pre-Teen Girls

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The University of Central Florida is currently knee deep in $434,000 of federal tax money programming a video game for teenage girls which acclimates them to the pressures of sexual advances in social environments.

Working with UCF’s Institute for Stimulation and Training, Dr. Anne Norris, statistician and methodologist for the College of Nursing’s Office of Research, hopes to implement her groundbreaking software into local middle schools as an aid in preventing teen pregnancies and encouraging abstinence amongst pubescent young adults.

“They have an opportunity to interact with the avatars and they'll earn points for particular social skills that they develop. A boy similar in age might approach the person playing the game and ask her to make out or there might be some sexual innuendo," said Norris.

The game features a motion-capture suit, which the frightened teen's overprotective parents will force her to wear, allowing her to enter into a digital universe fraught with the sexual innuendos of budding young males, also known as 7th grade. The life-size avatar will mimic motions captured by the users suit, allowing for real-life scenarios to unfold on a screen before her very tear-filled, "I hate you mom and dad" eyes.

“It's a place to practice where there aren't any social consequences," said Norris.

While details are currently scarce regarding other aspects of the game, three levels have been announced: a darkened bleacher setting with fireworks in the background after the homecoming game, a parent’s minivan on top of a hill overlooking a nameless city, and an after-prom party where “Seven Minutes in Heaven” is introduced to the character.

At the current time, funny feelings produced by tweens deciding between Team Jacob and Team Edward will not be monitored by the software.

CatRambo 1 Junior Poster in Training

Well, I've heard that video game playing certainly helps keep one a virgin, but...

Am I the only one thinking it's a shame that we feel the need to do this to protect young women from predatory behavior rather than address the behavior itself?

MosaicFuneral 812 Nearly a Posting Virtuoso

Practice what, developing social skills for the budding psychopath?

Wonder how many times a 2g1c/f reference will be dropped as one of those innuendos. lol

Agilemind 0 Posting Whiz in Training

Wow, and I thought US sex-ed couldn't get any stranger.
Just stick a teenage girl with a strange teenage male in a romance scene from a bad movie and their first thought will be to have sex with each other? I don't think so.
And what happens if the girl does try to have sex with the male characters, will the game turn into interactive pornography?(don't think no-one is going to try)

Kellie Dobbie 0 Newbie Poster

A parallel game for the male counterpart (and another $434,000?) should be developed because pre-teen sex will not happen without involvement from the opposite sex. Alternatively, the game could be developed to target unisex users.

Archenemie 2 Junior Poster

I think its a complete loads of boll**ks and a complete waste of money, all the game really does is give them a clue how randy boys are, and "rewarding" them for saying no in a simulated enviroment is trivial at best.

Stop wasting money and do something productive.

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