mikeSQL 5 Junior Poster

Hey guys, im back and to let you know that Ive redone my site. Not only...on top of that, Ive also manage to rush somee quick helpful web tutorials here as well on the great dani ;) Thank me later, but these are some important issues from thoughts and notes that Ive gahered from my head and some user imputs from conventional meetins Ive held in the past month or so about Web Development. Mainly for New to, "I want to be the greatest Developer thereever was on the net".

Well, now heres your chance to learn from some tutorial posts I made here and onsite.
My community is now dedicated for those who wants to learn Web Programming and Web Design.
From what Ive noticed on this site which is outstanding is not only the support, but the new people that are getting some good to poor answers from lack of participation, not saying that no one here helps. I do thee best as I always can when I have the time outside of my own family life and 2 jobs, but I enjoy it. Plus the rush, o yeaaa can ya feel it, ok never mind that....

Anyways, you can catch the Tutorials right HERE on this site.
You can also read a few more and tons in development right now at www.ibsoft.org

Thanks for your time all, I hopethat these will help you to become a very successful Designer or Programmer 1 day soon enough so you too can earn extra income or have Danielle or myself or some other great Programmers out there come to you and say, "We want a logo", or a "We want you to program this and that for me". Enjoy folks! ;)