Hi Everyone!
I have been here for about a week and have gotten such great help that I thought it necessary to introduce myself. I plan on staying here a while. ;)
I'm a computer science student who is in the last year of her bachelors. I currently interning for a company within the aerospace industry as an in house software engineer who works mostly in .net. I really enjoy what I do and am excited by the possibility of doing this the rest of my life.


Hello, "starlight849".

Welcome to the DaniWeb forums. You'll probably find this a good place to be; lots of good information shared here.

I happen to be interested in the aerospace industry, but don't work in the field. Is that the industry you want to be in? Or are you flexible, just glad to find work as a computer scientist when you finish your schooling?

I was kind of thrown into it by chance but have since come to love it. I would really like to maintain a position within this industry.

Welcome to the forums starlight, hope you enjoy your stay and glad to hear you've been finding it useful so far :)

Hi Starlight849, nice to meet you :D