Hello am Bright,
I have being searching for a database topic for my post graduate thesis but have not got one yet, so can any one be of help to me and if possible links,a suggested topic/s and related information to foster my research. Thank you

I, for one, am very curious about the ever increasing number of people who are completely stumped when it comes to coming up with topics for their university projects.

Granted, I understand that it can be a bit much to expect originality and 'forward thinking' from today's college/university crowd but... to be spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a post-secondary education and not be able to decide on a topic of study for a single project...

In this particular case I have to say that I wholeheartedly understand the inability to pick a thesis topic however... after all... apparently the course/language/working environment (database topic?) is unknown so this could definitely make picking a specific topic of study difficult :twisted: