Name: Somjit Nag
from: Kolkata, India.

what i do: i'm a 2nd year b.tech student doing my degree in electronics and communication engg.
college: budge budge institute of technology.
school: Nava Nalanda.

things i like: music, facebook, chatting with frnds and computer hardware.

hobbies: photography,n again..chatting..:)

music: linkin park, u2, mettalica, jhon mayer, pink floyd, james blunt, enrique iglesias,... soft rock, melody, love songs...etc.
also bengali(or BANGLA)rock.>> fossils, lakhichara, cactus n many more.

sports: cricket, football, swimming, cycling.

can play the guitar with somewhat skill:$ ....this a hobby too.

things i wish to accomplish in the future: be an awesome programmer, know my subject in detail..like the teachers i respect. play guitar like the people i listen to,

also.. wish i get a girlfriend in the not so far future!!!:$:)

AND NOW...a final few words(don't know how else i can describe this):

right now>i don't know much about programming and code and other IT stuff that most of the members here may know.:( as of now just learning c ...data structures linked lists n all.
hoping to learn a lot from daniweb..:)that's the main reason for me joining. also hoping that i can start contributing within a short time.:)

hope ull see a lot of me in the future!! \m/...\m/ hehe!!:):D

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Yes, You can better as i feel
You have talent but Dost I am also New in this line

thanks Niraj :)... n hey did u post ur intro here as well? would like to see it:)

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