I am fresher in software engineering seeking job.
But i want to know in which designation can i able to be placed.
I am some what good in programming (java,c,c++).
When i registered in any companies they ask me about job code.
And also i am undergoing course in web designing.

My question is
can i able to get job in top mncs?
If no,then what should i do to increase my chances of being selected in mnc?
What is the new concept in java to get more specialization?

Please answer my questions.

Thank you

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Go for an SCJP certification in JAVA. Google it out. Also learn some basic UNIX. All IT companies prefer UNIX.

Now i am undergoing java course to get scjp certificate.
Thank you for your response!

Good luck in your studies and in getting that top job. Hard work will get you there.

Thank you! I am glad to hear good words!
I am hardworking and when I get job i'll remember your advice!

Only a pleasure.


Good Luck...if you have any queries send me a mail SNIP

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