OK i went to this site http://apcmag.com/5023/dual_booting_xp_with_vista i did everything that it said and i didnt work. when i went to shrink the drive it only gave me 100mb which is not enough to install vista on it. Know it wont let me shrink the drive and i also have this unallocated drive. What should i do? and can i get that 100mb back to my primary HD

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This will let you repartition your hard drive, shrinking one partition, creating or growing another, and formatting it to FAT32, NTFS, or various Linux formats: GParted Live CD. You download and burn the ISO, and then boot off this CD to do the partition work. Documentation is available on the site. Go here for everything: http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php


im not 100% sure how to put the iso on a cd when i download it have to unzip it then i get a ton of files. Im using WINRAR as my unzipper. Also i got my drive partitioned now i just need to format it to NTFS but i used a school gparted thats why i need help getting my own gparted on a cd. let me know what you can do thanks.

This is really quite easy to do. First, leave the ISO file alone! It is a bootable image of the GParted Live CD. All you need to do is burn it to CD ... as is. Open your CD Burning program. If you use Nero, get to the main screen. Then from the File menu, choose "Burn Image". Direct it to the ISO file, open that, then tell it to burn. I don't know all the other programs, but if you don't have one that burns ISO's, then you can download CDBurnerXP Pro (like GParted, it's also freeware) and use that. That's available here:

And then you can boot from it, partition with it, format with it, as you like.


I have sonic as my cd burner.

i got the cdburnerxp i burned the ISO to the cd i restarted tryed to boot from the cd did not boot went right to loading xp

Do you know how to go into the BIOS and set the system to boot from CD first? Your system may be set to boot directly from the hard drive without looking at the CD first. Also, you could test the CD on a different PC if you know the other one will boot from CD.

And watch the screen when you first turn it on ... it may say to press a key to boot from the CD ... so if you don't press it, it boots from the hard drive anyway. Your system may also have a "boot options" choice when you turn it on ... this is usually on the F12 key, if it is there. In that case, you can press F12, and then select the CD, and then it will boot from the CD, and you won't have to go into the BIOS to modify that.

If you do all that, and it still won't boot, then download the ISO again and re-burn it, because you may have corrupted it when you played with the ISO files by unzipping them.


yes i hit F12 i booted from the CD and it tries to load then goes to loading xp. I know my computer will boot from cds because i had Gparted already but it was a copy from the school, so i dont have it on me but i wanna have a copy of this incase i wanna do it from home not just from school. I think that i did not copy the ISO file right. I used CDburnerxp and when it come up on the screen i picked the option make a cd using a CD-RW/DVD-RW using a ISO image file. Do i need to use a cd-rw for this? I used a CD and i added the file that downloaded for Gparted a burned it.

Ok, first a reminder: download the ISO again to make sure you have a good copy.

Open CDBurnerXP Pro. Choose the top choice in the initial dialog box that opens up. Once you see a layout on the screen, go to the File Menu and choose "Write Disc from ISO File ..."

In the new box that opens up, near the top it will say "Select an ISO image to write:"

Under that it says "No ISO image". Now click the button with the three dots "..." over to the right of that, and locate and choose the ISO image.

Now burn it, and use a CDR, not a CDRW. If you don't get a good burn this time, do it again and choose a slower burn speed (or play it safe and do that in the first place).

Your method -- adding the ISO as a file -- will only put a copy of the ISO file on the disk, it won't actually burn the ISO. You have to use the "Write Disc from ISO File ..." to make the disc.

If you follow these steps, you should be golden.


my file for gparted looks like a paper with the corner folded and a picture of a file in it(file in the paper is like a open window on a computer) is that normal for the icon after you download it.

do i finalize the disk when i use CDBurnerXP?

I'm not positive on the finalizing, but I think when you burn an ISO, it's an image, so it's most likely going to be automatically finalized. And regarding the appearance of the icon, that depends on which program has laid claim to the .ISO extension as to how it will look.

no program had set to it. if i double click on it it asks me which program i want to use to open it

Yes, it is using a default XP icon since it doesn't have an association. Change the icon to whatever you want, if you want to, but don't worry about it.

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