I have been on the the web since the 90's. I help small ecommerce stores improve their customer's shopping experience and thus increase their sales. I hope to be able to help
others here and learn more myself.


Sweet !!!!!! XD . Yes, I would love your help. Email and MSN: [removed] . We can chat there if you'd like. Friends and I are building a site and are planning to do eCommerce and Advertising in the near future - Once our launch/site are stabilised.

Welcome to Daniweb. I'm sure your help will be appreciated VERY much to all other members. You might find others helping out as well when you are stuck. Enjoy your stay.

Elihu, shame on you. You should know better than to post your email here...:$

Doesn't bother me, its not like I'm going to agree to meet up with some creep. Its a way of meeting people and echecker may not want to help me through my address ... I'm giving him the option. I understand what you mean though, yes I'm VERY cautious.