I'm a newbie, as I just joined this community. I live in the New York Metro area.

I'm interested in exploring IT related fields and found a program in Networking offered through a local community college. I realize these are different areas, however, I've noticed that they're often lumped together. The program is for a certificate in networking, haven't really found an information technology certificate programs.
I know I'd prefer to do campus learning as opposed to online learning, noticed many online programs aren't highly regarded, as they seem to be funneled through the same for-profit schools.

Anyway, my question is: would I be better off continuing to search for an IT related certificate program or should I take a look at this networking certificate and see what I can make of it?

There's a guy who work at my company, he has a certificate in Networking, but seems to do a lot of IT/help desk support tasks.

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Networking is a subset of IT.

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I guess I wasn't clear enough, I apologize.

I'll give an example than, Pace, offers several higher education degrees. But the programs run the gambit of computer science, information systems, telecomm, etc. It's somewhat unclear which would be more focused in networking/IT.

I guess I'll just keep looking than.


First welcome to Daniweb I am a fellow New Yorker as well (a bit down state I think from you). Anyway I have found in this field the more certificates you have the higher you are regarded by corporations looking to higher freelance or perm staff. Also even if your are wanting to focus on being a programmer you will find yourself a lot better off if you at least have an understanding on networking. So I would say the class is worth it. Also since your in NY you might want to check out newhorizons.com they have some really good courses and also offer on site classes.


Thanks for the welcome message.

I'll definitely check out new horizons, I've looked at them in the past, but they didn't offer anything close to me. I live outside of NYC, though not too far outside. Which is why I was looking at Pace and other community colleges.

I think I'll continue the process of applying to the local community college near me and hopefully enroll for spring and finish next fall. It's not a long program and it seems a decent introduction of sorts to networking.

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