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Please ask me the exact thing....

May be you are looking IT consultancy for only 2 reasons...
1---> Is to automate your work with any software that you needed....
.......Then look for a s/w developemental company that is working in the market at least from 3-4 years... or u may also give it to freelanceres also ... they will charge less for your project.

2---> You may be running any s/w developmental firm and may need some projects ...
... then dude a m also looking for the same since a long time... ok.
I hope this will help you... or you may ask me the que. in detail i am here to answer u ... if i can... have a good day...


Hi friends,
Please introduce me some good consulting corporations oriented in IT business.
Thank u

Hello Louis,

There is a very good list on LinkedIn. However, you may need an account and be logged in to see it. It exists at:


I hope this helps.

My Best,

Frank Guerino
The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)

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