Hi everyone,
Is there Anyone knows how to create an EXE application file. what Language have to use for it?

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Of course -- I thought everyone knew how to do that. Just get yourself one of the many free compilers and write the code. As for language -- just take a look at all the languages available in the Software Development menu. Many of them will create a *.exe but some won't because they are interpreted languages.

Use C language,IT will automatically generate executable files.

Thanks for the Replay...:)

Also There are a couple of free utilities that will allow you to package vbscripts and batch files as executables if you do not want their source code to be seen or want the to run silently.

@dotbat: you are using an ancient compiler that has not been updated for many years now. It's dead and buried. Get Code::Blocks with Mingw, which is current and works on both MS-Windos and *nix.

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