my name is ... ah, forgotten (was it important?).
Since I was born I'm here to learn more and more but the elder I become the more riddles life presents to me. I'm not a philosopher but I'm thinking concious from the first second I became aware of life. So nowadays it's getting more and more boring.
I'm a kind of thought analyser. I try to find out how thinking works.
My favorite fruit: strawberry.
My favorite drink: coffee
Don't know why I reached this "room" but I'm living because of sexual intercourse of my parents. Does that make sense to you?
I can't think in categories like hobbies or work, etc. everything seems to be some kind of stereotype behavior and steadily repetition.
That's me.
My body is about 50.
My mind seems to be 17.
My emotions are like that of a frustrated child.
Once I acted like man in opposite to womans behavior ... but the medicine ...

You need to know more about me, don't be shy to contact me. Maybe we find a way to communicate reasonably.