My name is Gregg and I live in the D/FW metroplex in Texas. I have read through many Forums but this is the first one I ever signed up in.

The main reason I signed up a month ago is because this seems like a good community of people. I signed up using my iPhone and was going to fill out my profile on my home computer, but my computer decided to take a dive on me. I finally got a functioning mouse and cleaned up enough to were I can finally post.

So here I am. I usually work on machinery in a manufacturing environment. When it comes to desktops, laptops, and servers, I am definitely out of the loop. I know enough to skim through forums and usually get the answers I need to get by. It has been a couple years since I've had problems with my home computer so it is interesting to see how the terminology has changed a little since then. The last big problem I had was my mom downloading 'Bargain Buddy' on my dad's computer. That was a month long process to finally get the computer running good again.

Hello to everyone, and thanks to Daniweb for making it easy to get started.

Hi Gregg, Welcome to <DANIWEB>