Just wondering the overall opinions of Dell's laptops; just ordered the Inspiron E1505.

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depends on your requirements, good for business, seen better for home/play

i personally prefer ebuyer, usually cheaper although you would struggle to beat dell's easy to use site, www.ebuyer.co.uk

Well I have 3 Dell laptops and love all of them.

What I like most is that most arn't as Dell-customized as other brands.

For example, when you buy a Toshiba laptop, they install all sorts of junk on there--Dell on the other hand doesn't do this so much.

Just got it in the mail & I see what you mean, (not alot of stuff to download) playing around with it tonight.

Quite franbkly i think Dell suck the wang. They explode, their capacitors leak, the LCD screens go and thats not the half of it i just hope u got a 3 year warruntee with ure new one

Personally, I don't think Dell provide the value for money on the surface they appear to do. I think they save money on components, and their performace suffers, yet not disproportionally to general costings. Ie. Buy a Dell £600 PC and it isn't much different from any other £600 PC, but buy on Specs, and you will be disapointed.

There Laptops though, don't seem to suffer as much, in my limited experience, and I like my Latitude D400 at work. They do look nice, and that is always important.

Enjoy your new Laptop, David.

I have to say that i was never happy with my dell laptop. it ran incredibly slow for the processing power it had and despite me writting it off as a virus, continued at that pace after the hard drive was earased.

personally i would rather go to an actual shop where i can give the 12yr old sales person a grilling :d, or somewhere like www.ebuyer.co.uk or www.ebuyer.com is still very cheap,on most things they could beat dell price and spec wise.

Due to experience, I've never had a fun time with a Dell.

I was essentially finished with 'em when my friend's portable lost columns of pixels. >_<

(I think it got fixed, nonetheless.)

although the latest with battery recall doesnt fill me with confidence when ordering anything from dell, i recently brought a acer aspire 3610 laptop and im more than happy with it

darren :cool:

i got a dell laptop and use dell laptops at school, perfect for buisness stuff (like ibm but cheaper) but suck at games etc..... im not worried about batteries its no new thing my thinkpad nearly caught fire many a time and ive had it since 1998

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