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I am a student doing final year of B.sc in computing and i required to do a project regarding a software should be built. i not good in programming much bt i ca manage Java and i have a knowledge in networking.

So plz can u guys suggest me a project which a network related one.. plz guys

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and another lazy kid who can't think for itself asks the exact question a thousand other lazy kids have asked before just in the last few months.

No kiddo, we're not going to do your thinking for you. Show some initiative, show that you can think for yourself and do your own research.
That's why you need to come up with your own project idea. Asking us to do your thinking for you is asking us to help you cheat on your homework, something we're NOT going to do.

commented: This forum is nothing but a catalogue of students unable to think for themselves. +15

Deciding the problem statement for the project is half the fun of doing the project. Carefully identify your areas of competency and then choose a problem. It will give you more insight about the project and you will enjoy doing it.

Usually considerable amount of of research is done before a person chooses a project. You cannot do it in a few hours or days nor ask someone else to do it for you.

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