Here is wishing all the members of Daniweb (spammers included) a Happy New Year! :-)

You've beaten me to the thread. Happy new year all!!!! :)

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! :)

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Happy New Year -- we still have 2 hours to go :) Years ago when I was a young lad it was fun to stay up at night and watch all the parties on TV. They don't do that any more, it's so boring now.

Happy New Year to everyone (but NOT the spammers, hope their year is truly awful)

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Happy new year all! Time for me to go to sleep and sober up :)

happy new year friends!!!

Damn, before you know it, we need to buy presents again AND get drunk AGAIN!!!;)


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New Year, New Wish! Wish 2012 is not the end...

best wishes for all the people hope you can have a good luck in the new year

>>Wish 2012 is not the end...
Not likely. But I read a couple days ago in a tabloid that the world is coming to an end in Sep 2011. The person to said that also said she was not going to quit her current job. :)

New Year, New Wish! Wish 2012 is not the end...

You don't have to wish.

Belated nothing, you're early for next year.

Happy new year all of you. May god bless you always.

My New Years was spent trying not to get killed by tornadoes OTL >.>