Hi there, new member. I've trolled a few forums in the past, but I just discovered Daniweb. I'm impressed, despite the broad subjects covered there seem to be knowlegable posters in almost every category. Recently Daniweb results have been showing up in a lot of Google searches, so now that I have a question that I can't google I figured it was time to sign up!

See you around the C#, Java, and Linux forums! Thanks!

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Welcome to Daniweb. Hope you get all the solutions you require. If you know an answer, shoot away and answer a question.:)


> If you know an answer, shoot away and answer a question.

Definitely, I know that this is a community of people helping each other. I'll be on both sides of the Q/A!

> Welcome and may you be justified in your action.

That is the most interesting greeting that I've ever encountered! Is that a common greet in a culture I've yet encountered? Do share!

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