This is Ravikant Raj, I am new in this site.

Name - Justin
Nickname - Jus
Height - 5' 9"
Weight - 155 lbs
Hair - black
Eyes - brown
Location - Texas
Age - turning 25 next month

Hobbies - lounging around on the computer and racing in my mustang

Relationship Status - single

Fav Music - oldies, hip-hop, fun lively songs with lyrics I can understand
Education - Freshman at Hofstra U with a major in Computer Science (M.S. degree) and a minor in Business

Favorite Movies - The Shawshank Redemption, Antitrust, Splash, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, The Santa Clause, Hook, The Odd Couple, ...

Favorite TV Shows - Anything on TV Land or Nick @ Nite, game shows, Star Trek Voyager

Favorite Computer Games - Simulations, simulations!! Everything from SimCity to The Sims to Tropico ...

Stuff I Dislike - Not so much lying as much as knowing someone is lying

Welcome to Daniweb Ravikant AND poloblue.:)

@Poloblue, we do not let members "hijack"/take over other members threads though. You always have to open your own. Being said, have an awesome time here at Daniweb.;)