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thx 4 your replay.. can u tell me the way to create friendlist like that using gridview?



Yes you can.

Follow these steps:-

1) In GridView, select smart tag.
2) Click Edit columns
3) select ImageField and click Add
4) click "Convert this field into template field" and click OK.
5) After step 4, you'll see image control in the GridView
6) Click smart tag and select "Edit template"
7) You will see an image control in ItemTemplate field.
8) Click the smart tag of the image control and select "Edit DataBindings"
9) ImageUrl will be selected by default.
10) In Code expression, type:- Eval("MyPic")
NOTE:- "MyPic" is a column in database defining Url of image). Click OK.

So far, try these steps. If you're done with it then tell me so that I can teach you the next procedure.

:) goodday

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pinky girl.. thanks for your replay.. :)
i've done step by step. but i have a problem with step 10..In my database i just save url like this : "Avatar/kieky.jpg"
if i want to display that pic, i must add : "~/App_Themes/DMS/" before Avatar/kieky.jpg
so, i write my code like this :

ImageUrl= "~/App_Themes/DMS/" +'<%# Eval("Avatar") %>'

and i got error.. can u correct that code?


Hey kieky, sorry I couldn't help much at this point:-

ImageUrl= "~/App_Themes/DMS/" +'<%# Eval("Avatar") %>'

no problem.. i have done a few minutes ago with another way...
btw thanks for teaching me.. :)


@pinky girl

i hav gone thru these 10 steps successfully, so kindly tell me the next procedure for showing friend list wid photograph and name..

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