Who's Suggesting All These Facebook Friends?

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It's not clear whether it's an application, a virus, or Facebook itself, but in the past couple of days something is sending out large numbers of friend suggestions that the original friend didn't make.

Typically, it works like this. You have a friend, B, and a friend, C, and you think B and C would be copacetic together, or you think B and C are already friends but don't know each other is in Facebook, so you suggest that B and C become friends, and B and C each receive a message from Facebook, in your name, with the suggestion.

But something's gone haywire.

Between yesterday afternoon and this morning, I received 51 friend suggestions from two friends, including family members I would have no reason of knowing or friending. I confirmed with one of these friends thus far that she was not sending out the requests.

Meanwhile, in Facebook's Help Center, under Friends -- Suggestions, are dozens of new questions on the subject. "Some of my friends got friend suggestions from me that I didn't suggest." "Is there a virus on FB re. friend suggestions?" "Is there a virus on FB that is sending out random Friend Suggestions?" and so on.

With Facebook being battered in the media lately regarding privacy issues, some people are suggesting this is the latest move by Facebook to "help" its users become more strongly connected.

To add insult to injury, the Help Center is broken, meaning that people can't open up or reply to these questions.

There is nothing on Facebook's page about the issue, and the company has not yet responded to an inquiry.

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Wow. One person is reporting he had 580 friend suggestions this morning.

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Facebook is claiming there's nothing wrong.

"This is neither a bug nor a virus. Friend suggestions are now mutual and
will appear for both users involved. That is, if I suggest that one person
become friends with another, both the person I suggested and the person to
whom I sent the suggestion will receive the notification."

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Of course they claim nothing's wrong. This is a typical way Facebook can use to do its own little phishing scam, find out more and more valuable private data from people to sell to marketeers and other interested parties.

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A nice question..

There is a new software type called: robot software..
It's called robot because it has some intelligence. Youtube is a good example. When you watch a cartoon (part 1 of the cartoon), in the related videos bar you will see part 2, 3, etc of the same cartoon, plus other videos that are "kind of" related to the same cartoon you are watching. I was amazed by that till my instructor told me that it was a robot software. There are different robot software depending on their use and purpose.

I hope this helped ^_^

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I rarely use Facebook, but 580 friend suggestions seems like quite alot

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Another person went on to say he'd gotten more than 1000 friend suggestions.

redesignunit -4 Posting Pro in Training

I have also some good amount of friends in facebook profile

joelchrist -9 Posting Whiz

Some of your friends may suggest their friends to your. it will increase the friends network.

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