Name: Grayce
Height: 5'4''
Hair: red
Eyes: grey
Location: GA
Age: 35
Hobbies: reading, movies, writing, listening to music, computers, learning more computer stuff. did I mention computers?

Relationship Status: married

Fav Music: Pretty much anything but rap. By which I mean anything from Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie, to Jobim, to Enigma, to Infected Mushrooms, to Nightwish, to George Strait, to Jimmy Buffet, to the Beatles, and the list goes on.

Education: visual communications, multimedia design

Work: Freelance web designer. And I try to code stuff. I can usually figure it out with a bit of help. :)

Favorite Food: Mexican, Thai

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings, My Fair Lady, Star Trek, too many others to list.

Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek, NCIS, House MD, McGyver

Favorite RPG: Lord of the Rings, Conquer Online

Stuff you Dislike: people who jump to conclusions without facts. people who spout dogma and rhetoric in spite of facts. when people swear they didn't do anything to cause the (insert error here) until my fourth trip out to their site.

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