I just graduated back in December with a Computer Science degree and have been looking for application developer types job. I have come across some on job sites that require you to submit sample code with your resume. Does anybody have any experience with this and recommend any certain type of program? The most recent one I have come across was looking for a PHP developer. Would it be a good idea to create a "fake" website with some simple functions and maybe some MySQL queries? I also found one wanting some C# code, and I have no idea on what type of code to use for that.

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The coding request is obviously to test your knowledge in a certain field. If you are strong in php, yes, create a "dummy" site with dummy MySql connections etc. It will only strenghten your application, especially if you include some advanced functions.

Lol, "especially if you include some advanced functions," that's a good one AndreRet.

Just make some awesome code that does something interesting. Write an MP3 player, write a web crawler, write a proxy that merges RSS feeds... write something you find interesting. They just want to see that you don't suck at programming. Are you saying you don't already have a github profile and don't already have lots of itty little projects you've written for that? Shame on you.

Thanks guys. That gave me some good ideas. I'm not really sure what the "advanced functions" are, and I guess it's also good to try not to create something that is overly complicated.

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