I am worried about How to get Adobe cs4 Master collection
can anyone help out to get this

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You search the web for software sellers, you find a shop you like, you pay the money and the job is done.

thanks for advice but may i get free of cost?

No chance for "free ride". You can only buy with discount for education if you can prove you either student or you are a teacher.
Only free option I know is Flex, or ColdFusion (limited for education) here

What about Torrents?

You better read forum rules, when you next time sign up with any forum where you will learn interesting facts

Keep it clean and do not post pornographic material or link to it. [In addition, do not post anything warez related or related to other illegal acts. This includes tech support troubleshooting pirated software or P2P programs (i.e. Gnutella, Kazaa) used to obtain pirated software.

Due to the implied illegal nature of the request, I'm closing this thread. Creative!on, do not ask how to acquire cracked/pirated software again or you'll be in violation of Daniweb's rules. When it comes to Keep It Legal, we do reserve the right to contact the proper authorities, which should increase your worries far beyond finding an illegal copy of software.

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