Hey Fellow Developer Peoples,

I was on another forum (might have seen some of you there), but I wanted to see what this one is all about.

In your best estimation, what types of people are on this forum?

1st year developers?
Seasoned Pros?
Guys Who Worked on ENIAC?

I'm a guy who got out of development just after 9/11, when it tanked a small software company I had. Before that, I did a lot of C++ work - actively coding for 5+ yrs.

I was trying to find out from the other forum how a guy like me can best get back into the field and find other GenXer-developer types to talk to. Anybody have any tips on where to find the best freelance jobs? How about what languages I should brush up on?


The Newbie of The Board. :cool:

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That's a lot of questions, but I'll pick up on the one that I know the answer to: what type of people are on this forum?

And the answer, my friend, is 'all of the above.'

No, seriously, it is!

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