Hey, i am confused to choose my career path.
i am Final Year student of PG, i have Good Knowledge of Java & .NET.
i am interested in C#,.net Technology, but salary is more in Java Technology.
so what i chose .NET or Java?
Please Answer it.

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Don't let salary decide... Whichever language you like working with more should be the deciding factor. You can always do both, but make sure you specialize in something. Don't be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Disclaimer: I'm not a programmer. I'm a business person.

I somewhat disagree with DhCoder. Sometimes its advantageous to be a jack of all trades. If you want to be on the business end of things instead of only doing (programming). Project managing, business analyst, outsourcing, employing, all lend itself to being multi-faceted.

If you only want to be doing the programming, and want to be the go-to guy for a program, then definitely specialize. And my advice agrees with DhCoder. Do what you enjoy more. It more than pays off versus money only.

I agree with sungod. You just don't want to stay as a programmer for ever. You have to think about job satisfaction as well as career growth. You have to learn everything Don't let two languages decide your life.
However java is a language. C# is not only a language but used in each and every building block of MS platform as well. More advanced features and areas are available to check in and career paths as well.

Specialization is for insects, and instead of thinking which platform you want to learn facts about, you should be making things. You would have no problem choosing a platform (or simply not caring) if you just did some coding for fun. Salary is a function of how smart you are (and who you trade your labor with), not what platform you use.

Just start off first..experience is what counts and how much you actually know your job and how you deliver. If you have the skills, then there will not be dearth of opportunities for you.

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