Hey guys I am a noob when it comes to this stuff. I go to college for electrical engineering and me and my professor were discussing a cool senior project. There are regular vending machines in most buildings of the school that are connected to the schools network. The ethernet cords are out in the open. This way kids can swipe their school ID's for a soda and get charged through their dining dollars. Their ID #'s are sent to the schools computer which deducts from their account. Is there a way to build a packet sniffer and connect it in between the vending machine and the walls ethernet jack. Then have the sniffer intercept the data packets of the kids ID #'s and have it change that number to a different value so that the wrong person gets charged? I think compromising the schools system with a teachers permission is a cool project.

1. Make sure that the school agrees to this - it is probably illegal.
2. What makes you think it hasn't already been done? :-)

The school will be fine with it because I will never actually use this besides for the presentation. And it has never been done at my school and from googling i dont see any1 else that has tried this

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