GuyClapperton 12 Staff Writer

I'm going on the radio (BBC London) in a few days because in the UK we have a 'National Work from Home Day' this coming Thursday (be sure and quote that to anyone who ever tells you Americans are perceived as vulgar and ostentatious over here). One of the things I'm being sent to look at is one of the new ultra-small PCs from HP. Small, full-spec PC, really nice so I'm assured by, er, HP's PR.

But it probably is. The new small Toshibas are really tasteful, too. There's only one problem for me.

I don't get it.

What's this obsession with everything being tiny all of a sudden? I'm 5ft.10, 43 years old and OK, overweight, but I don't look extraordinary. And call me old fashioned but I like an ordinary sized keyboard for most of my work. A laptop keyboard I'll tolerate while I'm out but mostly I like to have something that's reasonably comfortable to work on.

And these new PCs just aren't. Is someone going to realise at some stage that we're reaching the point at which we can no longer use these tiddly little things in any sort of comfort, or that just because you can achieve something doesn't make it a good idea?

My money's on a lot of these small computers bypassing the business market all together and being relegated to the 'dated toy' section of eBay within a couple of years.

Speaking of small, did you hear the one about the guy who accidentally put his Macbook Air into the recycling? I'd tell it to you, but I'm too busy laughing.