Hi Folks, my company is a small Boston based, non-profit who has written stock market game software to be played at the middle and high school level. We're looking for a company to provide us a free or discounted real-time stock market feed for our game. Does anyone know if that's possible? There is an obvious and unique marketing opportunity for the company that helps us out.

We're also looking for a web hosting space and programmers to improve and update our program and create and maintain our web site.

Sincerely, Frank

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Most sites provide stock information in the form of an XML (RSS) feed. It is easy to capture these using a web language such as PHP or a client side language such as C#. The exact same principle is used by most of those small weather applets.

Hi, thanks for responding. I'm looking for realtime up to the minute quotes. I don't think they'd provide that.

You might want to look at this

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