would like some constructive feedback please. Thanx



A lot of the links just say "Under Construction". You've got a lot of really useful links but I'm not too fond of the layout. You may wish to see if you could get it a little more professional looking. Also, avoid frames - they're cheesy.


I would drop the MSIE blurb on entry to the site and make it cross-browser compatible. And forget the link to download IE - nobody in their right mind is going to download it just to see your site.

Reduce the importance of the Google link on the Home Page. If people really want to search Google they'll go to Google.

I have no interest in the weather in Trenton, wherever the hell that is. What's the point in having it on your Home Page? Is the site for you, or for your visitors?

The text on the Home Page justifies poorly in anything smaller than a maximized window - a lot of people don't run their browser full screen.

Difficult to say any more at the moment as there's no content, just a load of links to external pages that open in their own windows.

to expand on some of what Bob said, where's the beef? I think u can do a lot w/the site and definitely a nice jumping off point, but w/some researching, creativity and thought u can easily take it to the next level. as much as i liked "your" bandwithplace link (that is until i checked the url, the separate window & the completely different layout & realized it was just ANOTHER link OUT of ur www), i was disappointed by ur cablemodembasics page - i was expecting some how-to's or about's when i clicked the link, and then on the page loading figured the pic links would bring me to some review/usage info... not! i think having links to other sites, especially, as Bob points out, that launch to their own window, is a double edged sword at best - ur offering up access to info (hopefully WANTED info), but ur taking traffic out of ur www & putting it in others (hope u've got some type of income arrangement from that!). if ur looking to generate ad income ur going to want to keep the traffic on ur site. by and large I think it's a really good 1st step for YOUR www; it need's work to be put on my, and i dare say others', favorites/bookmarks lists. Good Luck tho!

Keep in mind that the following are constructive criticisms: ;)

What's the point of this site? I had to browse through several links just to realize that it acts like a portal. A site that has links to other sites. Why would I want to go to your site for that when I have a search engine and millions of other more popular portals that have more features than yours? You have to make your site somehow unique. For example, this is site, TTF, is a forum, something that there's plenty of. What makes it unique is the content; the information that people post. That makes it come to life.

Try to never put a link that takes you to a coming soon page or a "under construction" page. There's nothing more annoying then clicking on something you're interested in then to be told that it's not there. It only annoys people. If you do want to tell the user what's to come, create another page and list all the things that you will add in the future. Don't trick the user by adding a link then betray him with something like "coming soon" or "under construction." Avoid the link all together.

These are two things that stand out to me, besides what everyone else has said. I agree with them. Try to solve these two usability issues before even worrying about any graphic design.