HI friends, I am ken and i want to know something from your side.
my friend copy images from orkut accountant of other user.
Is this possible to copy image from facebook or orkut of other user a/c without login?

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What do you mean by copying image. You mean by taking picture of their avatar or their photos?

One can copy any picture if he/she can view that. There are many ways even you can copy one's DP by pressing print screen from keyboard and paste it in paint or any other similar software

YOu can also take screenshots

YOu can also take screenshots

I agree, using irfanview you can take screeshots and paste.

when you upload your personal photo and i want to capture that photo without any screenshot or Print screen button, is this possible?

Check you temporary internet files some times the photo of the people you are talking to or visiting the profiles copies in there

and most of all remember that you're possibly (even likely) violating international copyright law by using images posted by people without their prior permission (if you had that permission, you could just ask them for the images...).

Yes jwenting you are right why would some one need to copy images of some one he/she don't know ?

I agreed with abelLazm and jwenting. Your browser and computer will take screenshot of pictures of webpages you visited without you knowing. You can go and find folder that has your browser name and you will likely find the pictures of webpage you visited.

Sorry wrong information, you need to find a folder that have the name caches and go inside and find your browser name.

Ya.You can visit some1's profile,click on image till its enlarged.Then you can save that as a normal picture by right-clicking on it.

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