Breaking: Tory Twitter account hacked

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The Twitter account of the Conservative MP for Suffolk Coastal, Therese Coffey, has been well and truly hacked it would appear. According to London Spin "The attackers bombarded social media users with sexually explicit messages and comments after gaining access to her Blog, Facebook and Twitter account details".

Although the Facebook account would seem to be back under Tory control, with a message apologising that her account had been hacked and stating that she has the email address "of the person who has hacked in" which will enable her to "do something about it" the Twitter account would appear to still be awaiting a clean up after the hacker, calling himself thegh0st, posted a handful of offensive anti-Tory tweets.

The last warned another Twitter user, Tim Montgomerie who is editor of ConservativeHome blog, that "youre next on the chopping list...freak" and other postings included one which stated "David Camerons wifes a slut...she dresses like a whore!!!"