Well let me introduce myself. I'm a newbe doing this starting in January after my Job imploded. I desided it was time to step-up my game. So I went back to school and started learning Dreamweaver, Flash, ASP.net, HTML, and CSS. You would have thought Dreamweaver would have become my goto program, but you know I found I liked ASP.net better it didn't have the limits of templates. Maybe that's my lack of expertise talking but I like the cleaness of starting with a blank canves as a starting point. You see I'm oldschool when it comes to design. I play with ideas first on paper then when one of them takes hold. I go to the computer to start with the next process of the design phase. Working out the problems slowly seeing your idea come to life it's still a rush after all these years. Maybe it's being a bit left of center that makes me come to love code, I know it's twisted but their's a zen likeness to it. What you do is eather right and it works with a great web page or it dosen't and you need up with crap... like I said clean.


welcome to daniweb

Welcome to the forum .Nice to meet you.