I am looking for a best way to get atleast one pagerank for the website. I have try all the tricks, used unique content, submit website on all the popular bookmark website, directory listing but no luck.

What i am doing wrong?? Is there any specific time period to get pagerank??

Please look at my website and see if i am doing anything wrong there?

www gotagged com
www onlinemoneymakingtricks com

I hope i'll get some genuine answer.

Thanks in advance........

Better you create more and more relevant back links to your site, It help you to get good page rank.

I dont know what is wrong, design is ok, content as well.
I think indeed you'd better try to build as much as possible backlinks. Try to implement the best SEO methods and you will increase traffic imidiately!


for getting good page rank, you should try to improve quality of your website, number of backlinks, number of pages etc.

The content and design of your site was good but it takes time to see the results of your efforts in SEO, just be patient. Create more backlinks in bl0ogs and forums but do not spam the site. Market your site on social networking sites and also do bookmarking.

There is no way to get PR asap... it takes time.

You could always do blackhat SEO to get quick PR but you'll probably get in trouble and long term will not work.

Quickest way is to have a marketing plan and focus on a quick and powerful launch that incorporates getting huge amount of traffic through viral marketing

Thank you all for your feedback. Can you please provide me the method for backlinks?? Is it easy to get backlinks?? I dont want to invest money on backlinks.

So kindly provide me the list of free backlinks website.

Waiting for your response.


As i noticed your navigation methods, it was poor in your website.
try to update it with seo friendly navigation methods and resubmit your sitemap.
and then start your linking methods once again

PageRank is soooo outdated. You don't really need to worry about it anymore. Better to build a quality resource with great content and provide a good user experience. Try submitting your website to directories with human editors and promoting it in major social networks like Twitter.

take care of the navigation part because easy navigation is best. Link your site with the site which is related to your website. The backlink plays a major role in ranking .

Get Trusted link from other site and Search Engine. and link exchange with related theme and high pr site you will get PR ASAP

Thanks for your reply. Can you provide me links where i can easily exchange my links??

Thanks in advance....

In my opinion the best way to get Google Page Rank is to have Fresh and Unique content.

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