Hi my website gets around 500-1000 unique visits a day, while do get about 5,000 pageviews with these visitors the number of clicks is around 50-100 a day and adbrite does not pay that well. I am wondering if there is a website with high CPM to help me earn more.

Whats wrong with Adsense?

Adsense is very best network site. But there are no any user familiar website to use easily. It is best for the professional usages, but it have very big additional features.

you can find a very nice list of ad networks here http://adsreview.net

In addition i disagree with sherryabhy, google adsense is not the best for professional usages if not the worse. They have no customer support and if there is something they don't like they will drop you and you can kiss your money goodbye.

Maybe consider putting affiliate offers on your website as well. Sometime affiliate offers pay much better.

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