Hi Guys,
Can you please take a look at following image link and let me know by using what language(Tool or GUI Builder) I can create a GUI/Application like that.
I mean the view of the GUI(Color, Style,Button,and Menu bar...)


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You can create it in any of several languages. C# might be easiest so that you can take advantage of what .NET framework has to offer.

There is no problem creating a GUI like that in python.
The 3 big GUI-toolkit for python can all do that wxpython,PyQt,PyGTK.
A good news is also that QT,python has now Pyside(no licence problem for QT GUI framework in python)

I thought tis should be c# language with window form application

Thanks Stefan_Lam88,
But how I can change the Form border color like this? As you border color(Header Border) in blue in windows from, then how can I customize it like this form?

Try get explore on properties of the page..u using ms visual studio 2010?

Yeah I am using visual studio 2010.

then try explore on the properties of the page. I think you can found..border if still no, then repost your problem here. I bet many voluteers is willing to help

Hi Ancient Dragon,

Thanks for your reply, But I have still some issues on your comment.I am using Visual Studio 2010 and as you know C# create windows Form by system default configuration(Blue Header bar).But I would like to change that color to gray.But The Visual studio doesn't have this option to change the color.

Thanks for ur time but I have already checked the Property of Form.

I don't know C# (or CLR/C++) that well either, but I'm pretty sure there is a way to do it. You just need a little more experience writing code in C# and reading tutorials. www.codeproject.com may have some code that will help you.

The easiest would be to use WPF and C#

You can create that view by using any programming language but the LOC makes difference..
If you are familiar, you can try with java or .NET .

@ALL, thereads from C, C++, Java, C#, VB.NET and Python moved to It Professional Lounge and merged

@Behseini you pull another posting spree like this and you will get your back-side kicked by any moderator here. Posting stupid question like this in 6 programming sections is just outrageous! Read member rules NOW! (since you ignored them on sign up)

hi behsini,
You can use table tag and go to its properties window,choose style and choose your desired color.You can place content of page within table.

Sorry,I was talking about making of website.U can change background color by backcolor property of ur form.U can give name to form by text property.

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