hello, its seems like i have failed to choose my area of specialization
since i like to be a programmer, Web developer/designer, Database manager, Network Administrator and Graphic designer?
i just need a little advise, can i be all?

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you can't SPECIALIZE in all the areas.

choose a profession and excel in it..

choose the one you like and is in current market trend in your country or region from which you can benefit.

thanx for the advise :)

Well, in order to be a web developer you should know databases, network, web and also desktop development.

I think there is not much specializing for a developer because the technology is evolving so fast, the only thing you should specialize in is learning new tech fast and efficiently.

Graphic design.

Defend your answer.

That might be a tad difficult from the virtual naughty corner :)

You should go with what you like the most... everybody over here will say their personal opinions

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