I have "sort of" lurked but not really. I joined up, got busy (didn't lurk), got some reminder emails (friendly), and now I decided to say hi.

Actually, work and my kids keep me busy most of the time. Then I get distracted with computers, smartphones, Sudoku (recently tried - too popular, but I'm trying it anyway), "The Big Bang Theory," "Mythbusters," etc.

Been a lifelong Mac user - until recently. Mac is now officially on my nerves (various reasons), and I'm 'gradually' switching over to the PC (my husband is a PC, I was always a Mac - we get along great!).

So there is lots of great stuff for me to read here - some knowledge in some areas (maybe), less in other areas (and none in others also). I'll try to contribute ..... if I have something worth sharing :) In my circle here, people think I'm "tech-savvy" .... in a community like this, however, I'm not so sure (that I have anything helpful or relevant to add). I may still lurk until I have something useful to share ;) I have some resources on my Twitter feed, so maybe I will learn some things there also.

~ DkonTech

Hi DkonTech

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