Recently.. I noticed that I can't access a few of my fb apps that were location specific. When I dug a little deeper, i found out that my computer was showing an IP Address that was from US. But I live in India.

I used the folowing two trackers:- :- says my IP Address location is US. :- CORRECTLY says that I belong from Indore, India.

Why these contradictions? I'd have said that the first site was bogus, only that facebook also seems to think that I'm from US. What's going on? Help please.

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The first website is incorrect. I access the website and although it show the right country i am in. It show the wrong location. The IP address is also wrong i double check with my IP tracker application and prove that the website is wrong, so i think you should trust the second website.

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Unless you are using a proxy of some sorts.

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I am also getting same problem...
Please help

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Have you follow the above links above to check your IP address. Where are you from and what does the IP locator show you are at.


They a spammer ( new poster), post needs deleting

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Oh thanks Bal, i forget to see his signature links. I will report him and get him banned

1. Those links are not against the rules, and being in a signature not spam either

2. Even if it was spam he would get a warning, zero points, for a first offence and would not be banned


Fail to understand why those links are not advertisement spam by Raphaelnad ?

Also even if they were legit, why they in a topic claiming to be from India when they registered to be from Texas USA?


There is nothing to worry it is just your facebook settings select the proper location and for ip address you can just check out your tcp/ip settings and moreover you can spoof your MacAddress and check once.

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