What is the appeal in another person's misery,pain and suffering? Why is watching backstabbing enjoyable? Why do we enjoy the head trips? In many cases contestants are pretty upset/hurt from their experiences and yet I know they are aware of risks,be they emotional or physical,before hand. I don't get it. I've heard of reality TV compared to Ancient Rome,when people were entertained by watching other humans being fed to lions. Is it not the worst TV stuff thats ever come out???

I think so..........

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Ironically I run a vBulletin forum for Reality TV. Go figure.

Link should be in my sig. check it out...let me know what you think.


DJ Bill


no thanks, reality tv sucks, i get enough reality in my normal life dont need to watch it on tv aswell


Reality TV is addicting because you get to see a bunch of beautiful people go at each other and eventually hurt each other... secretly.. I like to see people who are prettier than me group together and destroy each other... but that is just because I am jealous, lol. I agree, Reality TV sucks... but seeing the mean pretty girl suffer who just looks like she deserves it can sometimes be addicting tv. :)

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