Hi all
Basically i want to play my films from my pc on my TV....but i havent got S-video on my TV only on the graphics card, so i have connected my pc via s-video to my dvd player which has s-video which is then connected to my TV via scart! but i cant seem to get it to work.
I have tried most things i can think of but the tv just stays on the dvd player "screensaver" when the pc says that 2 monitors are there!
any ideas at all??
Thanks all help appreciated!

Right a little update i have decided to make it less complex. i went a brought a scart converter today so now i have the s-video cable in my graphics card connected to the converter which is then in the back of my TV but once again no matter what i do it still doesnt work!
please help me! i spent about £30 on cables i wanna get this thing working!

first off you need to go to your advanced section. control panel, display, settings tab, advanced. then click the monitor tab and make sure the button for the TV is enabled. you should unclick it before unplugging your s-video cord or you can have some hassles restoring your resolution.

thanks for the reply
i did try all of that and messing around with nvidia nview and stuff but i couldnt get it working...so i swapped mt TV for one with an s-video port and viola it worked straight of the bat. i dont think my old TV was s-video compatibale cause i meesed with it for 2 days and didnt get a hint of it working anyways thanks for trying to help.